Benefits of garlic

Do you think the only thing Garlic gives you is bad breath? You are wrong then. There are many health benefits of garlic. Garlic has been in use over the years as food additive and medical plant. So what are the benefits of garlic?. Below are some of the many benefits of garlic.
1: Curing of heart disease
Garlic has proved to be a good solution for heart disease. Ajoene, a natural oxidant that is responsible for anti-clogging of blood in the heart. This natural oxidant is present in garlic, so helping in prevention of strokes and other hearth diseases.
2: Skin/prostate cancer
 Typical application of Ajoene which is present in garlic can help in spreading of skin cancer. Other compounds which are also present can also help in preventing prostate cancer 
3: Protection against colon cancer:
Another benefit of garlic is protection against colon cancer. Garlic contains vitamin C and selenium which are known for protection against colon cancer. Garlic protects against colon cancer by slowing down the growth of cells that are responsible for cancer and so, leading the the destruction of cancer.
4: Stomach cancers/ulcers:
The most easy and cheap way of dealing with the two diseases above is via the use of garlic. Garlic has the ability to reduce/put off the working of H. pylori which is responsible for stomach cancers/ulcers.
5: Breast cancer:
Breast cancer is believed to be caused by carcinogenic chemicals in cooked meat. Research has shown that garlic reduces the amount of this chemical and so protects against breast cancer.
6: Immune/Digestive system
Another benefit of garlic is that; it helps in the improvement of digestive system and boosting of the immune. Read more of this at BENEFITS OF GARLIC FOR MEN
7: Gaining weight of the unborn
A research that was carried out in Great Britain showed that garlic, if taken by pregnant women on regular basis can help in gaining weight of the unborn. 
8: Prevention of cold and flu
Garlic possess both antiviral and antibacterial properties and also contain vitamin C. Hence serving as a powerful agent against some diseases like cold and flu.
9: Tuberculosis
Garlic is known to be a very good shield against tuberculosis 
10: It is a good source of vitamin B6
11: Impotence in men
Garlic is well know for curing impotence in men.  I discussed on my post BENEFITS OF GARLIC FOR MEN.
Blood circulation in body is necessary for curing of impotence. Garlic help in increasing blood circulation and thus curing of impotence.
Garlic helps in stimulation of the male's body and creation of nitric oxide synthase enzyme which is responsible for reaching erection in males.
12: Cough
The presence of antibacterial properties in garlic also makes it a good remedy during a cough bout.
13: Protection against free radical
Garlic has anti-aging as well as the anti-oxidant agents that protects against free radicals. Garlic also help the metabolism convert fats to energy.
14: Cure for yeast infection

This is a benefit of garlic that ladies must know about (according to Omofranca on NairaLand). When garlic is used like Tampon, it cures yeast infection.

These are just but some of the benefits of garlic. I think your question should change from what is the benefits of garlic to how can I get some garlic from today. Happy healthy living.
These post will be updated from time to time. So you are encourage to always come back and check for updates. 
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Thanks. Just try to stay healthy the natural way

Garlic is great for your health. Keep spreading the information of good health my friend.

That is it. Your health is your wealth and garlic has given a very good way to a better health

Thanks for sharing out the essential benefits of Garlic which will be very helpful to get the awareness regarding it. This will be good in treating the health harms in a natural way.

Good news, Garlic promotes the overall well-being of the heart and immune systems and helps maintain healthy blood circulation. The active component in garlic is the sulfur compound called allicin. Allicin is powerful as an antibiotic and a effective agent that helps the body to inhibit the ability of germs to grow and reproduce.

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