Benefits of garlic for men

This post is mainly for the health benefits of garlic for men. for general benefits of garlic, check my post on WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GARLIC  
Garlic over the year has shown serious potency both as a food and a medicine with numerous benefits both for me and women. For now lets look at the health benefits of garlic for men.
Benefit 1: Impotence in men
Garlic is a good solution to impotence in men. You more at WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GARLIC
Benefit 2: Heart Attack/stroke
Research has shown that men suffers more and earlier in life from hearth attack than women. Garlic can help in decreasing of bad cholesterol level, rising of good cholesterol level, improve blood flow and reduction of blood pressure there by minimizing the chances of experiencing a serious cardiovascular event such as stroke or hearth attack.
Benefit 3: Garlic supports immune
The benefits of having a strong immune system as a men can not be over emphasis. Taking garlic on regular bases can help in supporting your immune system to function better there by makes you stay healthy generally.

WARNING: Consult your doctor before making excess intake of garlic a habit


I had an older friend who was on his death bed stricken with cancer when an intelligent doctor recommended that he eat as much garlic as he could. He was told to eat any form of garlic he could get his hands on. My friend survived the cancer and lived an additional 10 years!
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Wao! Thanks God for him. The fact remains that, the health benefits of garlic cannot be over emphasized.

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