Benefits of green tea

The popularity of green tea has greatly increased word wide due to it immense health benefit. Lets take a look at some of the amazing benefits of green tea.
Green Tea for cancer: Studies has shown that the antioxidant in green tea in 100 times more effective than Vitamin C and 24 time than vitamin C. This can help in reducing the risk of cancer since it will help the body in protecting cells from damage.

Green Tea and Weight Loss: Green tea helps in weight loose since it helps in burning of body fat and boosting of your metabolism rate.
Green Tea for Heart diseases: Green tea helps in lowering the level of the cholesterol. This can help in prevention against stroke and heart disease. Studies has also shown that even after the attack, green tea can also help in prevention of cell death and speeding up of heath cells recovery.
Green Tea for Tooth decay: The chemical antioxidant in green tea has the ability to destroy the virus and bacteria responsible for throat infection, dental cares, and other dental problems.
Green Tea as Any-Aging: One of the content of green tea is an antioxidant known as poly phenols which has the ability to fight against free radical. Thereby fighting against aging and therefore promoting longevity.
Green Tea for high blood pressure: A time to time intake of green tea is thought to lower the risk of high blood pressure.
Green Tea for Diabetes: A regular consumption of green tea helps in improving the metabolism of lipid and glucose, prevention of against sharp rise of blood sugar level and thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.
Depression: Tea leaves contains theanine, a natural substance that is thought of to provide relaxing and tranquilizing effects.

These are but few of the benefits of taking green tea. All this points are products personal research. You are therefore advice to contact your doctor before using them as an alternative to other medical solution.

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