• It prevent cancer: The antioxidant compound that it contains are considered to be effective for reducing the risks of breast, colon, leukemia and prostate cancer.
• It lower cholesterol level. With sufficient amount of vitamin C and pectin that it contains. • It maintains blood pressure: The advantageous mineral that it contains regulate the balance of fluid in your body and your blood pressure. It also contains the vital nutrient, potassium that assist your muscles, heart and nerves functions
 • Beneficial for anemia: This provide your body with notable amount of iron by consuming one serving mango juice every day. Very advantageous for the to-be-mothers as they requires a high content of iron.
 • For eye health: It act as the best defender against eye problem. I.e. dry eyes and night blindness in addition to promoting good eye sight.
• Clears the skin: It enhances the beauty of your skin. Acne, pimples and other skin issues can be treated using mango juice externally.
• IT alkalize the whole body
• Helps in diabetes
• It Improves digestion.
• It boost the immune system: Content of Vit. C and Vit A and carotenoids keeps your immune system strong and healthy.

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