Benefits of apple

Getting healthier may not always demand going for the long and hard things. There is an old adage that says an apple a day keeps the doctor away. When we talked on the health benefits of garlic, the challenge how do we do away with that irritating odour but here is a natural gift with good smell and taste but yet lots of health benefits. So what exactly are the health benefits of garlic?
Benefit 1: Weight loss 
Ancient research show that constant in-take of apple help in losing some weight and lowering of cholesterol.
Benefit 2: Healthy/White teeth
This benefit does not imply that apple replaces your toothbrush; eating (chewing and biting) of apple kindles the production of saliva in your mouth and so lowers the level of bacterial in your mouth and therefore reduce tooth decay.
Benefits 3: Protection of bone
Researchers found that phloridzin which can increase born density is found only in apple. Apple also contains boron which also strengthens bone.
Benefit 4: Heart diseases
Recent studies has shown that eating apple reduces the risk of stroke and other forms of heart disease.
Benefit5: Asthma
Research has shown that children with asthma who often drinks apple juice suffer less from wheezing than those that don’t. It has also being shown that taking apple during pregnancy reduces the chance of the baby having asthma.
Benefits 6: Diabetes
Apples contains lot of soluble fibre which is a key to reducing blood sugar swings. Eating at least an apple a day by women reduces the likelihood of their developing type 2 diabetes by 28%.
Benefit 7: Cancer prevention
Apple contains a high level of the flavonoids quercetin and naringin which is believed to be responsible for the ability of apple to reduce the chance of developing long cancer by those that takes it. Apple also helps in preventing breast, liver and colon cancer.
Benefit 8: Diarrhoea and constipation
Apple help in reducing diarrhoea and constipation. These is done by the fibre contained in apple which can either help in absorbing excess water from your stool to slow bowels down or pulling of water from your colon, keeping things moving along when you’re backed up

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