Benefits of Water

Our body is essentially a water machine that is powered by water and minerals. All life giving processes and all healing processes depend on water to happen. Like is commonly said “water is life”. Here are some amazing facts about water: do you know that our body is made up of about 70% water; human embryo is 80% water; a new born baby is about 74% water; blood is over 80% water; our brain is more than 75% water; and the liver is 96% water! If our body fluids and tissues are made up of so much water, what are the health benefits of water?
1. It is the medium of biochemical reaction in the body
Most of the chemical and enzymatic reactions occurring in the body require water as their medium. It carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones and antibodies through the blood stream. It is a solvent for all the body’s reactions and helps to regulate all body functions.
 2. Energy
Our water intake significantly affects our energy level. Research has shown that a 5% drop in body fluids will lead to a 25-30% loss in energy. Also our liver needs water to break down fat into useable form.
3. Excretion
The kidneys get rid of waste such as lactic acid, urea and uric acid. These are dissolved in water. Inadequate amount of water leads to the retention of some of these wastes in the kidney which may lead to kidney damage.
 4. Temperature Regulation
Water is involved in temperature regulation through perspiration. When we sweat, heat is dissipated producing a cooling effect.
5. Lubricating Joints
Cartilages of long bones and between spinal vertebrae contain a lot of water which helps to lubricate the joint during movement. If the cartilage is well hydrated, the opposite surfaces move freely with little damage; when the cartilage is dehydrated, the rate of friction is increased leading to damage and increased pain.

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